Two male purebred English Mastiffs 2.5 years old for sale. Due to unfortunate circumstances, a new job which requires much travelling and a move to a much smaller house, we are no longer able to properly look after our dogs. We decided to charge a nominal fee of $300 for each as we previously tried giving the dogs away for free but received too many requests from people that knew nothing about giant dogs and were insincere in their motives.
The dogs are up to date on all their shots and they were just neutered over Christmas and are doing well. They are family dogs and need to be close to people and indoors when it is cold. You will find them to be very loving and fun dogs with a fantastic temperament and great with families. The dogs are well trained and respond very well to many commands.
The dogs are microchiped and are from a championship line of dogs with papers available if needed.
If you think you are interested and would like to pursue this we do reserve the right to ensure the dogs end up with a good family and may require you to fill out a questionnaire. I prefer that each dog go to a separate home as I think there is a much better chance of them faster becoming a lot closer with their new family.
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